Welcome to Chocks Away Aviation, based in Hebron Nebraska. We are pleased to offer outstanding flight training and other flying services from Hebron Municipal Airport – identified as KHJH. 


News and coming soon:

  • Congratulations to Riley Templin, Private Pilot as of 5/12/2017.
  • KHJH now has a courtesy car.  Visit www.hebronairport.com/courtesy-car for details.
  • New panel design for Cessna A152 N761GG complete - full IFR with WAAS navigator, dual glide-slopes, and ADS-B OUT and IN capabilities.
  • FAASTeam Safety Seminars:
    • Next up: "Flight Services - Logs, Plans, Briefs, File and Following"
    • In the queue:  "The ABCs of VFR" and ""The ABCs of IFR
  • Interested in flying a sUAS ("drone") for commercial operations? - Call Steve for training
  • Gas is $4.00 a gallon at Hebron Airport!
  • On-field maintenance is available by prior appointment - including 100-hour and annual inspections

Call Steve for more details:   (402-200-8930)

Last updated 03:44, 13-05-2017

“Chocks Away” is an aviation term that literally means to remove the wooden blocks (chocks) that prevent the airplane from moving – or put another way, clearing the way for the freedom and enjoyment of flight. 

That is the foundation upon which Chocks Away Aviation (CAA) is built – clearings obstacles and providing services for you to be a better pilot, whether you are already certificated and want to improve, or are a new pilot and eager to start learning to fly. As you will see in these web pages, Chocks Away Aviation provides many services to pilots and non-pilots alike.  For example, you can learn to fly from scratch or you can take some extra training to become a better and safer pilot – or you can simply enjoy a leisurely scenic flight, and perhaps take photographs of your house or farm.

If you need more information or are just curious, please do not hesitate to call – flying is a passion at CAA, and we are always ready to chat about all things aviation!